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thought. i take those jokes back. >> you are a horrible uh poll gist. >> well that was fun. wasn't it? >> i'm over it. >> bye. >> bret: good evening, i'm bret baier coming to you live from steamy des moines, why za i'll talk with people who live here, work here an govern her. the senate's week long fourth of july recess is is a casualty ofe debt ceiling debate. the head man in the senate today says his colleagues will be back to work sooner than usual and late breaking news about the top man at the treasury. mike emanuel joins me live.
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>> late today bloomberg news reported tim geithner is weighing leaving the administration once the debt ceiling debate is resolved. treasury officials say geithner has not made a decision and will not make a decision while the negotiations are continuing. a debt debate that's gotten heated. with white house officials warning the u.s. is in the danger zone before the august 2nd deadline on the debt ceiling, the senate majority leader said they would not take recess. >> the senate will reconvene on tuesday, the day after the 4th we'll do that because we have work to do. >> a day after being challenged by the president, the senate republican leader extended him an invitation. >> the president says he wants to get working. wants us to get working. i can't think of a better way than to have him come over today. we're waiting. >> republicans reject raising taxes during weak economic
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recovery but the president sold it as targeting the rich. >> the tax cuts i'm proposing we get rid of are tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires. tax breaks for oil companies. and hedge fund managers and corporate jet owners. >> congressional sources say ending tax breaks for jet owners only puts $3 billion in the treasury over a decade, less than one tenth of one 1%. >> the president plays the class warfare card rather than stepping up himself and trying to do his job and dissolve the problem. >> democrats with knowledge of the debt talks can see the tax increases won't achieve the revenue boost 0 but the focus is finding enough votes from democrats and republicans to pass a deal. a new fox news poll reveals nearly half of voters feels it
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should only be raised with significant spending cuts and no tax increases. both talking past each other must end. >> we'll start getting in the danger zone if we don't get together and look for a honorable compromise, a balanced down payment on the deficit. >> a deal is needed in the next two or three weeks and warn if the markets start to react, they'll have waited a day too long. >> bret: mikemike emanuel, thank you. >> a lot of political cash is coming in iowa with more on the way. we'll get a clearer picture on which candidates are leaving that part of the race. carl cameron is on the money patrol. >> mitt romney and president obama were raising campaign cash in pennsylvania today. romney blasted the president where mr. obama in 2009 touted
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his stimulus package. >> as you see the weeds growing and windows boarded up it's a symbol of failure of obama economic policies. >> at midnight the money chase ends hoping to bank a $60 million, the president holds two fundraisers in philadelphia bringing a total to 37, that's seven times the number of fundraisers george w. bush held. romney is expected to leaded g.o.p. pack with 15 to 20 million-dollar banging 10 million in one day of dialing for dollars. no other republicans expected to break 10 million. ron paul is tracking progress on the web toward a $5 million goal by midnight. newt gingrich was carrying a million in debt weeks ago when two fundraiser quit. michele bachmann is a proven fundraiser, her debate performs
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increased her hall but having just become a candidate she's just getting started. for tim pawlenty, he had a weak debate and bachmann is dominating headlines. he'll raise between 4 and 5 million-dollar. jon huntsman can raise g.o.p. bucks. herman cain has strong tea party support but little fund fundraig prowess. >> in six hours they have to stop taking contributions. when its added up next fall and look at the special interest money there's a 2 to $3 billion campaign. >> it looks like tim pawlenty and jon huntsman will be the same money total. >> that's right. the difference being pawlenty is the entire three months and jon huntsman just got in.
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his $4.1 million raised which he doesn't have to file for a is a good achievement so quick. >> bret: in tonight's segment on -- saving the economy, a look at federal regulations. the time it takes to implement them. shannon bream reports if there's a certainty, it's uncertainty. >> in the next ten years, maybe more, investors, entrepreneurs, business owners, are going to be in limbo. >> reporter: each time a federal law is passed regulations that outline the law are issued by agencies but that takes a great deal of time, especially when it comes to a 2,000 plus page billie the healthcare program or the d.o.d. frank bill, the biggest overhaul to the american financial regulatory system?
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history. some regulations for the pate act first passed in 2001 still aren't finished. most have built in time frames for getting drafted, subjected to public comment and finalized but the markers aren't met. >> it's hard to tell because a lot of rules will be ruled out one after the other and they are deadlines for some. we've missed deadlines on both fronts, rules that were going to have to be written by a certain deadline. >> businesses are left he had in a holding pattern unsure of how to move forward. dan danner of the independent businesses says small businesses which operate on tight margins are worried. >> they don't know the cost of their healthcare. they just know they're going to be mandated to provide something, they'll be told what it is and they have no idea what it will toss.
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>> experts say while most businesses admit they dislike regulations they can deal with it as long as they know what they're facing. when the government issues regulations in a timely fashion, small businesses he represents can plan, invest higher and do their part to move the u.s. economy forward. >> mall businesses and entrepreneurs are inherently optimists so we look forward to the future and our small business members do and they're looking for a to things getting better and them creating jobs. >> reporter: as for how the regulations tied to implementing healthcare law is progressing, initial proposal are drafted but the final batch won't be until 2015 if finished on schedule. >> bret: thank you. there was little change in the number of people applying for first time jobless benefits last week. requests were down a thousand from the week before. the dow gained 153.
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the s&p added 13 and nasdaq finished ahead 33. the head of the national basketball association players union says owners will tonight begin a lockout of players after feeling to deal on the collective bargaining agreement. basketball will join pro football on the sidelines. nfl owners locked out players since mid march. later in the grapevine when will they learn the microphone is always on. first, the latest on operation fast and furious.
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>> bret: welcome back to the state capital of iowa. a nigerian man detained after boarding a virginia america flight without valid i.d. but an expired boarding pass that belonged so someone else. the flight was airborne when the crew realized they had an extra passenger. after landing he walked out of the airport and was arrested days later when he tried the same thing for a delta flight to atlanta. >> we have an update on the american law enforcement operation that put guns in the hands of mexican criminals. >> reporter: both parties are using this controversy to their advantage.
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republicans, that means criticizing the obama administration for a reckless operation that killed people and to some democrats, fast and furious offers opportunity to advance the antigun agenda. >> mexico is our neighbor. our ally, and our friend. yet u.s. firearms wreak havoc, destruction and terror on their communities. >> because of that democratic congressman aliyah cummings says we need more gun laws. >> there's no limit on the number of guns you can buy in a single purchase. is it a surprise what happens when one buys, 10, 50 or 100 guns at a time? >> witnesses called for tougher laws. >> they'll take probation, they won't cooperation with law enforcement. >> if they have such weak cases to begin with, maybe they need to do more homework on the ground floor so they can patrol
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car prosecute people. >> gun rights group claim up to 90% of the guns are traced to the u.s., mostly to gun stores. the group says the number is less than 30% with most cartel guns sourced to mexico and central america. >> they want to pin the blame on american gun owners, gun laws and gun rights in this country and dealers. it's not going to float. >> bret: watching this closely is mexico. i returned from mexico city today and the calderon administration will not share data were weapons as requested. that's critical to linking fatalities in mexico with the fast and furious guns the u.s. sent south and they want to extradite u.s. officials to
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authorized the plan so this is not over. >> bret: william, thank you. hundreds of thousands of public employees staged a one-day strike in great britain protesting conservative led governments austerity plans. schools were the hardest hit with 11,000 partially or completely closed. 19 people were killed during a two-day military surge by syrian forces trying to keep residents from fleeing to turkey where 10,000 have gone during a government crackdown on the political opposition. >> at home, the man in charge of america's military went out with a flourish. molly henneberg reports on the final day for defense secretary robert gates. >> after working in the federal government four decades. including c.i.a. director and
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first defense secretary to serve both a republican and democratic president, robert gates was praised by the commander in chief. >> a humble american patriot, a man of common sense and decency. simply one out of are nation's finest public servants. >> then president obama presented gates with the nation's highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom. >> i'm deeply honored and moved by your presentation of this award. it is a big surprise. but we should have known couple a months ago, you're getting pretty good at covert op stuff. >> that a reference to the president's decision to okay the covert mission that killed bin laden. gates a soviet affairs expert had a sense of humor, especially
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but about what he saw as the lack of hugh mimty in washington. >> he called it the last place in the world you could walk down lover lane holding your own hand. field hospitals in afghanistan. to improve survival chances for u.s. troops. gates is upset he's leaving the repeal of don't ask, don't tell to his successor but last not president obama says it's all but a done deal. >> in a matter of weeks, not months, i expect to certify the change in policy and end don't ask, don't tell. >> gates is still defense secretary until tomorrow morning when leon panetta is sworn in. at the pentagon, molly henneberg, fox news. >> bret: eric holder says a criminal investigation is looking into the deaths of two
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people who died in u.s. custody in iraq and afghanistan. a inquiry in c.i.a. interrogation practices found two deaths warranted criminal probes. ap says one of the victims died in 2002 in kabul and the other in 2003 in iraq z. still to come, we'll hear from local journalists on the 2012 race but first, what
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>> bret: welcome back to a hot windy day in des moines. its like a hair dryer. one of the reasons we came to iowa was to see how the presidential race is playing
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with people among the first to cast votes next year. we talked to folks who live had iowa about their lives and what they want to see from the candidates. >> i was born and raised in iowa. been here my whole life. >> i have two children and my husband and i have been married 14 years. >> started coming in 1983. and i started on a piece of paper with a logo while i was basically unemployed. and i sort of tried to find my way in the world. somewhere between 120, 130 employees, all full time. we have some part time for summer students. >> we started in '77 and it's a family operation. >> we're a little bit different in the midwest and the livestock operations just because of i think we know how to be lean when we need to. >> three different iowaen with
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spectacular expectations. all three taking a hard look at the president and people who want to be president. >> what's your job at the school district? >> i'm the director of community education. >> shanna is a working mom. >> levi is 8. ella is 7. levi in 3 and ella in-second grade. one of the important issues is education because i have young children in the public education system. that's incredibly important. i think education is the key to resolving the issues and challenges we have in our country. i worry, obviously we have a huge debt. that's not a nice thing to hand over to your kids to say figure this out and figure out what to do with it. so yeah, i definitely think change is in order. the hope is in education. that's what has made our nation great in the past and i think
4:24 am
that's the key to the success in our future. >> bret: with a steady stream of g.o.p. candidates in iowa, shanna is doing her homework. >> i voted republican and voted democrat and i probably never voted with great confidence. honestly the things that matter to me, even more than specific political issues are honesty, integrity, and some humility. those are things i don't see enough of in politics. >> generally i see politicians promising a lot and delivering little and i would like to see the opposite. i would like it is someone be realistic. we've seen the song and dance too many times. >> i have high standards. i expect of lot of my personal behavior and expect a lot of my children and therefore i expect people i elect to represent me and my country. >> this is a aluminum clock,
4:25 am
ada26. >> david started his company, competitive edge, 28 years ago. advertising manufacturing company that does screen printing, laser engraving, pad printing and embroidery. >> read this email and give me your thoughts. >> you take $4 and try to make 10. don't go backwards, pay your bills on time. make customers and employees happy and try to have a strategic growth plan. >> what's the biggest thing you look for out of government. >> less involvement on a daily basis in the workings of the business. >> in my mind, the obama healthcare plan is going to add an extra burden on the bits. will it kill the business? no, but it hurts profitability and it grows the engine that grows the employment and jobs and if you take all the money out in taxes and in health
4:26 am
insurance and compliance you end up with a company at near break even and no future momentum. >> david selves government regulations on his business have become more and more pervasive. >> so much is lawyers and accountants and interpretations of law that you find yourself wasting a lot of productive. there's only so much margin. >> you're looking for somebody to set the business environment the right way to create jobs help you. >> i think i'm looking for that. i'm looking for something with a big vision for productivity in america. >> what kind of a heart and soul of this country and if they'll just listen. >> bill cowser is an iowa farmer, owner of a cattle company. he's seen government requirements increase in recent years. >> one of the issues is regulations. the last thing we want to do is ruin the land that we survive on. we want to make sure that land is better than we got it 35
4:27 am
years ago when i started farming because of our children that are coming back into the operation. >> bret: is an investor in lincoln way energy, ethanol and production and he acknowledges corn-based fuel has come under heavy fire. >> our communities gathered private investment, built renewable fuels because our country asked us to become energy independent and today, when we look at the forces that have come out of this process, a lot of us feel like the vietnam vets from vietnam. what happened here? where did the patriotism go? where did the american spirit go? >> he knows federal government help will end soon. >> put the cards on the table and see if there's tradeoffs. the free market's working. >> bret: for a candidate who
4:28 am
comes to iowa and says i think the subsidies should end you respect that. >> i respect that. we know that's going to happen. what's the next issue. >> three men with different issues that matter most to them. all of them say they have yet to decide how they'll vote. six weeks from tonight, the next g.o.p. debate on fox, just up the road in aims, iowa. up next, another embarrassing example that the microphone is always on. we'll bring it back here to let me tell you about a very important phone call i made. when i got my medicare card, i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement insurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything. in fact, it only pays up to 80% of your part b expenses. if you're already on or eligible for medicare, call now to find out how an aarp... medicare supplement insurance plan,
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>> bret: now some fresh pickings from iowa tonight. time magazine editor at large learned a valuable lesson, microphones are always on. giving his take on president
4:32 am
obama's news conference during morning joe, he called the president a word that describes the male anatomy. >> we're in the seven second delay today? >> i in and thought he was a [ ] yesterday. >> delay that. >> it was inappropriate and disrespectful and i'll apologize. i already have today. >> despite the apologies mvnbc suspended him indefinitely. he called the network executives. >> north korea is the new ahead of the united nations conference on disarmament, not sitting well with critics. norththe rotating presidency is chosen by member states. iran congratulated north korea
4:33 am
on supering the presidency. tuesday iran hosted an antiterrorism conference over the weekend that the state department called ironic. stephen colbert is about to pull political purse strings. he can use resources from his show to raise funds for his political action committee. he's forming a super pack that can bring in unlimited amounts of money. part of a joke satirizing campaign rules. he isn't saying what he'll do with the money. >> i'm joined by iowa governor terry bransted, who served four terms from 1983 to 1999 and won began last year. welcome, governor. >> glad to be back. >> you welcomed us with a cool
4:34 am
day today. 110. >> we need this heat to grow the corn. we're the leading corn growing state. this is just what we need to grow good corn. >> what about growing a political campaign. there are some candidates out there saying that iowa won't matter as much this year. they're skipping it or marginalizing it. >> they're making a mistake. people have done it in the past like rudy giuliani and regretted it. it's important to come here and compete and the nice thing about iowa is, even if you're not well-known, if you can beat expectations here and be one of the top three, you can boost your opportunities in the rest of the country. >> bret: what about speaking directly to other states driving trying to move up on the calendar, florida, georgia. >> i think the parties -- both the republican and democratic parties have said the iowa
4:35 am
caucus should be first, new hampshire primary second then you've got south carolina and nevada in there. i think that the system has worked well and it would be a mistake. those that try to move up, we'll move our caucus up and new hampshire will move their primary up. they need to respect and recognize the process that's been in place. >> former governor sarah palin was in iowa this week, a supporter of yours in the last campaign. do you think she's running? >> that's a good question. she's got everybody guessing but she had a presume premiere of your movie and was well received there and so i don't know whether she's running or not but certainly if she does, she'd be formidable. >> you would know whether she was calling key republicans in the state, the big money people, people who could move mountains. >> she's not doing that but she's unconventional.
4:36 am
she endorsed me on twitter. so -- i didn't even know it was coming. she did it over twitter, so she will do the unexpected and i wouldn't want to predict whether or not she's a candidate. >> bret: governor, you wrapped up your state legislative session tonight and struck a deal. it doesn't seem like a great deal for republicans. am i wrong? >> no, we made a dramatic change in the way the state's been doing business, spending more than taking in. we passed a budget that's not only restoring predictable, it's sustainable. >> you dropped a property tax cut you wanted. >> because the democrats wanted to spend too much. i'm going to continue to campaign to reduce property tax, especially for commercial property, but we're going to -- we got control of the house, not the senate. if the senate democrats continue to take the stance of
4:37 am
unwillingness to reduce property tax their days are numbered. >> was there a backdown on medicaid funds for abortions? >> it's my understanding that they reached a compromise language that basically takes the exception out of the law. so a lot of people feel that this is certainly -- doesn't lose ground and may gain ground for those that want to protect innocent human life, which i believe is appropriate. >> bret: that's interstate but a lot of governors have give and take not only with unions but trying to get their budgets under control. you're a state with money in the bank. >> no, no, that's not true. we had a budget that they were spending one time money for ongoing expenses. we inherited a budget mess and straightening itous. it's sustainable long term and for the first time since 1983 we have a two-year budget, a budget that spends less than we take
4:38 am
in. i think the republicans that control the house are working with me to get something sustainable that will position us well. we got our new partnership for economic prosecute. we didn't get the property tax reductions but we'll fight for that. >> we'll see you in ames in six weeks. >> that's going to be a fun event. we expect a record turnout. >> bret: thank you. straight ahead, the fox all-stars? washington talking about debt negotiations and the senate's abbreviated fourth o [ doctor ] here's some health information for people over 50. maybe you don't think you're at risk for heart attack or stroke but if you've been diagnosed with p.a.d., or have pain or heaviness in your legs, i want to talk to you. you may have heard of poor leg circulation, which could be peripheral artery disease, or p.a.d. with p.a.d., if you have poor circulation in your legs, you may also have poor circulation in your heart or in your brain, your risk for heart attack or stroke is more than doubled
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>> that's why the senate will reconvene tuesday, day after the 4th. we'll do that because we have work to do. >> president says he wants to get working. wants us to get working. i can't of a better way than to
4:42 am
have him come over today. we're waiting. >> bret: fourth of july recess on hold as the debt negotiations continue. meantime treasury secretary geithner in chicago answered a question about his future, a report he may be wrapping things up after the negotiations. he said he'll be around for, quote, the fore seeable future. i don't know what that means but fred barnes of the weekly stad, kirstin powers with the daily beast and charles, >> the senate is staying in to hammer out the deal. what about the give and take? >> there isn't a lot of it. it's cosmetic, a decision of harry reid and originally the idea of senator jeff sessions of alabama to truncate the july 4th recess. they'll not be on july 4th in negotiations. that won't happen.
4:43 am
and they there could have been s today. mitch mcconnell invited the president in to talk but he had today to philadelphia. the president took over the negotiations friday and he could call and invite in house speaker john boehner. he hadn't talked to boehner. what is the hardest part of the deal is getting it through the house. the president -- not the president but he has accused the republicans of not being serious and on the other hand, they have a detailed proposal still, their budget they passed, and democrats don't have a budget. it would be helpful if they actually passed a budget. they haven't in the past two years. you would have two things to compare. they have july, they could have two budgets, some hearings, they
4:44 am
could have debate. and they could work out a compromise perhaps and it would be in public view and bring the public in. one of the things that unfortunate about what's going on in this decision, it's made in secret talks with the public not a part of it. it would be nice to bring the public in and then not have something where the public doesn't know anything about it and most of the members of congress don't. just sprung on them in july and say you have to vote on this in a couple days. >> it doesn't seem -- there doesn't seem like a road towards give and take. >> i think the perspective from the white house is that they are giving and that the republicans need to give on a agreeing to closing some tax loopholes for very wealthy people for private jets and oil and gas company and -- they think it's reasonable they should agree to
4:45 am
a revenue deal which republicans have said absolutely not, no way. look, the president is right and the house are not being serious. why are they not in town working on this. this idea because the president's not going to meet with mitch mcconnell is political theater. he's been in constant communication with everybody and everybody knows what's on the table. i mean we know what's on the table. they need to -- each side needs to give. >> charles? >> what harry reid has done is a stunt to call the senate together. they'll accomplish nothing. they have not passed a budget in 800 days. the recklessness are serious. they control the -- republicans are serious. the budget passed thursday was rejected in the senate 97-0. if you measure the seriousness and hear obama yesterday scolded
4:46 am
republicans like a school master saying his children get their homework done on time, the republicans have done homework, it's called a budget. it's not going to turn into anything. obama is running a campaign on class warfare and that's what he wants to stick to to you. >> bret: where does it stand? >> it remains in limbo until the crunch in august. democrats believe the squeeze on the programs like the national weather service or meat inspections will sway the country against the republicans. he could be right. >> bret: charles, chirr ston, fred. thank you very much. when we come back i'll talk to three journalists who know their way around politics of iowa. you go next if you had a
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>> welcome to baby boomers diner in downtown des moines. we have a local political discussion with exerts experts. david, director of the public policy institute at southern illinois university and kathy a political columnist with the des moines register. thank you for being here. talk about issues here in iowa. david first to you, what is top on the minds of potential caucusgoers? >> jobs and the economy. a lot of concern about the size of the federal government. >> caucusgoers are conservative so i think there's a lot of concern about the size of
4:51 am
government. >> how does the national debate, between the president and congress, over this debt ceiling, play here in iowa. >> it's important here. the debt and deficit are very important and it's really playing into why obama isn't at popular as he has been in the past. the debt ceiling and raising the debt ceiling is a dealer killer for a lot of republicans. >> bret: a deal killer. >> a deal killer in their candidate supports raising the debt ceiling. >> there's a lot of talk obviously about iowa and its viability as being first in the nation. how do people react to that criticism here that is it really whoever comes out of here could play nationally. >> defensively, of course they would say yes but the public comments and private comments are so different about that because they know after what happened in '08 with mike
4:52 am
huckabee winning and flaming out, michele bachmann is the hot story around here right now but what if she flames out. say she hangs on then tanks in new hampshire and disappears. that two cycles in a row where the attention gus to the upstart and they're gone. >> what about candidates who decide iowa's not in the cards. >> it's a risky proposition, you may argue whether it's significant but it's a first. they've got the opportunity to meet voters, talk about issues on a national stage in iowa. same in new hampshire. if you miss the campaign in new hampshire, you're missing all the opportunity to talk to the nation from that location. so i am the reason rudy giuliani didn't do well and we don't have president giuliani is because he waited for florida. >> the bypass iowa strategy rarely works because a candidate who doesn't play here gets
4:53 am
behind. there's a winner, somebody who comes in second. >> bret: is bachmann in poll position heading into ames, iowa? >> i think so. clearly that's the momentum and energy but her problem is expectation. how well somebody's expected to do. and this is -- it's early for her to peak because she has a lot of media scrutiny. how does she hold up under the scrutiny. she's got a long way to go. >> bret: the other question is who else gets in. texas governor rick perry obviously is doing well. >> there's room for more candidates to get in. mows republican caucusgoers have not made up their minds. they're not entirelily satisfied with the field in a sense they're saying some -- [ inaudible ] haven't even picked a candidate so there's room for somebody like rick
4:54 am
perry to rally the conservatives and -- >> one thing about perry, perry's people are reaching out, starting to have private conversations with some of these iowa republican operatives so you can definitely feel if it started a couple months org maybe, but the probability level is that perry might get into the race after the straw pole. >> bret: we have the next debate in august 1 11. put in perspective for folks what ames means for candidates. >> the straw pole reprays placed the caucuses as an event that raises somebody out of obscurity. if you don't do well if the straw pole your money starts to dry up. if you do better than expected it provides you a boost of energy. critics of iowa say the straw
4:55 am
pole and caucuses means iowa has would bites at the apple. not only do we get to see candidates get in the race but we have candidates who drop out because they can't raise money. your debate becomes very important because a lot of republican activists will watch it trying to make up their mind. >> bret: the conventional wisdom is social conservatives about do better in iowa and south carolina but hearing the talk, economy is still driving this place. >> people say we want our candidate to be fiscally conservative and that's important. they want them to touch all the hot button issues but when it comes down to it, what they want to care about is the economy, creating jobs and getting government out of the way. >> every single one of these folks, even if they're courting social conservatives, every one is talking about fiscal matters.
4:56 am
even santorum, who made his reputation on social issues, he'll bring it back to the economy every time. >> dave, kathy, david, thank you very much. we'll be back here from des moines after this break.
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
>> bret: we want to take a moment to thank the people who have helped us during our two days here in iowa. we had a great time meeting and working with the folks here. and we will be back before long. the next republican candidate debate here on fox is august 11th, right up the road in ames, iowa. right up that the iowa straw poll a big deal here saturday the 13th. "special report" will be live in iowa for four days. and, obviously, we will follow all of the candidates' actions every day on america's election headquarters here on fox news an

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